Easthall Youth Evolution Well Under Way

For a large part of their 30 years Easthall Star FC have always has younger Boys’ teams playing in tandem alongside amateur squads, writes Tom Scott.

Now the youth evolution process could well be taking place right now in the shape of the Easterhouse FA.

Ironically, Star founder Danny Cameron knows the benefit of teaching kids good habits, discipline and respect. On 28th January, 2020, he brought youth football back to Easterhouse – and the results are startling!

The Stepford Complex will be their base to introduce expansive, but enjoyable coaching. A well-documented struggle to cut through red tape has been achieved.

All the 130 children and 24 coaches – six of them are Easthall players who like others give up their free time- need now is for day-to-day life to return to normality.

Said Danny Cameron “We have a waiting list of kids who want to be part of our goal over the next 5 years. It won’t be easy, but everyone is looking forward to the challenge.”

Easthall Star (Age Group Born 1995) record  Cup Final win against Dunbeth at the home of Cumbernauld United Juniors in 2011.    

Easthall Star (Age Group 1995) celebrate a Glasgow City Cup Final success during August, 2011.

Easthall Star (Age Group born 1995) pictured in 2012.

All Photographs kindly provided by Danny Cameron.

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