A Sponsor In Your League – Who Are They?

Even before the terrible onset of Covid-19, sponsors were an essential and hugely important part of helping Scottish Amateur Football clubs and the organisations who retain their membership, writes Tom Scott.

Now more than ever the small corner shop, the village store, a local garage, pub, or major company/ businesses could be the difference between clubs surviving or going to the wall once current pandemic measures are overturned.

In a brand new SAFN Series I will be posing the question “A SPONSOR IN YOUR LEAGUE- WHO ARE THEY?”

Strathclyde Saturday Morning Amateur Football League President & Treasurer Mr Andy Bryant has kindly offered us exclusive access to every sponsor in his organisation. Paving the way for others to follow is sponsor ALEX McDOWALL.

Said Andy “The league’s longest supporters have been Alex McDowall and his family businesses.”

“Firstly, Harleys Sky Bar in Rutherglen Main Street, then other restaurants, and now, Legends Bar Diner, in Cambuslang.”

“Alex has sponsored several things, along with the Annual Dinner, the Harley’s Group have sponsored Divisions and Cups, and currently sponsor the Development Section of the League”

“Alex is also a Former Chairman of the League, as well as the President of the Football Central Leagues”

Andy Bryant, President & Treasurer, Strathclyde Saturday Morning AFL.

Contact him 07403019219.

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