We Were The Champions – Oban Saints AFC (Founded 1960)

With their local league declining in numbers – they were hugely successful over a 15- year span – the growing reputation of Oban Saints gave them the confidence to apply for membership of the Scottish Amateur Football League in 1976, writes Tom Scott.

Saints started in Division Seven and over the years the word CHAMPIONS could have been slotted into the famous Club Name as they headed up towards the top-flight.

Local residents will fondly remember Saints being first winners of the Top Score Trophy in 1988.

The new Premier Division Two Championship was secured in 1993-1994, followed by Premier One in 1998 and again four years later, when they beat Shamrock after an overall points tally could not split the pair.

The ultimate Premier Division silverware found a new home in seasons 2010-2011, and again during the 2013-2014 campaign, when incidentally Oban Saints remained unbeaten, and also added the Jimmy Marshall Trophy beating Inverclyde 2-0.at St Anthony’s ground in Govan.

They loved the trophy that much Millburn Park, Alexandria, proved the perfect venue for their 2015-2016 Final against St Joseph’s and Oban Saints won 2-1.

I must mention other notable Cup success stories.

Argyll and Bute Cup – 2015-2016, 2017-2018 and 2018-2019.

Royal National Mod Cup – 2015-2016.

OBAN SAINTS AFC from 2020… KYLE COOPER and BEN FORBES in Match Action from Friendly played during November, 2020. Features Oban Saints Greater Glasgow squad. Result:. Oban Saints ( Greater Glasow League) 0,  Lochgilphead Red Star 3.

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