Age Is No Barrier For Easthall Playing Stalwart

With the onset of Covid-19 last March and continued restrictions eating into the current 2020-2021 season, Scottish Amateur Football Clubs are seriously having to re-consider if Player of the Year presentation nights will return any time soon.

Over the years I have been invited to attend many an event where serious consideration had gone into selecting the Player of the Year, Players’ Player of the Year, or a Loyalty Award to a Club Committee Member, who had worked countless hours behind the scenes ensuring everything run smoothly during training nights or on Match Days – and why not as those Men and Ladies are worth their weight in gold especially during a pandemic?

Now, this may exist somewhere in the membership of 1,050 Amateur teams, but if they ever discover a “Club Dependable – Never Makes a Fuss Award,” Easthall Star FC Manager Danny Cameron has a sure-fire candidate.

Take a bow IAN GILLIES, aged 51 (yes that’s correct 51), and still pulling the boots on after 18 seasons.

IAN GILLIES, 18 years at Easthall Star and still playing aged 51.

Danny told me: “He is unbelievable!”

“Guys like him are Supermen. Ian only played about 6 games last season, but is there first to the training and games , and if he can’t make it for any reason is right on the phone.”

Easthall Star Club Captain ALEC GILMOUR.

As I mentioned in Wednesdays exclusive, Easthall Star have reached 30 years, and a whole host of players stayed much longer than expected!

Striker Craig Smith is the club’s all-time goalscorer following a 21-year stint.

CRAIG SMITH, Easthall Star all-time top goalscorer ,who  played for 21 years.

Danny revealed “Craig left Rangers Boys’ Club aged 16 to sign for me.”

“I don’t know how many times I asked him if he didn’t want to go and play at a higher level than us, but the answer was always the same – ” No, I am enjoying it here!”

“I tried to mention quite a few names past and present in your Wednesday article. Now in this one can you add in Gerald McMahon, who played for 19 years and is a good friend.”

“Also George Scott, who was with me off and on for 20 years.”

DANNY GRAHAM ( the Gaffers right- hand man ) with DANNY CAMERON

Delighted to oblige!

Thanks to Danny Cameron for supplying the photographs.

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