Football Central Exclusive With Alex McDowall

SAFN Chief Writer Tom Scott has been taking a look at the progress being made by the Football Central Over-35s, plus their focus on Sunday games, which like everything else has been pushed into the background by Covid-19.

President Alex McDowall reveals the background and progress within both organisations.


“In 2015, myself (Alex McDowall) and Paul Davies started an Over -35s League to help continue the pathway, and allow some of us older guys to kick a ball again. Very quickly we pulled Andy Dykes and Danny Cameron on board.”

“We had 8 clubs in the first season , but very quickly it gained loads of interest and as we are about to enter our SIXTH season, we currently sit at 64 clubs with more showing interest.”

“For next season, we have also set – up an Over 40s Division, and looking at implanting a 45s at some point.”

“Our league continues to grow and we must look at other days if we keep growing.”


“We had hoped to be looking at starting back at some point this month, but clearly that’s not going to happen.”

“Our next target is March but again who knows?”

“It’s clear there will not be time to play Leagues but we’re looking at the possibility of splitting the Leagues set – up just now to possibly determine if we can form something for next season.”

“We will keep you updated as much as we can – when we can.”

“On a slightly different note, the SAFA were given a £100,000 grant from the Scottish Government and hopefully it will be split equally between 1050 clubs – hopefully covering fees for next season.”

“As I said nothing confirmed yet.”

EASTHALL STAR FC celebrate winning another Championship in the Over-35s League.          

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