Arthurlie Coach Adds Congratulations To Easthall Birthday List

Arthurlie Amateurs Coach Stephen Connelly has added his and the team’s birthday congratulations to experienced Scottish Amateur Football League campaigners Easthall Star FC, writes Tom Scott.

Yesterday I revealed the Glasgow East End club were celebrating 30 years in the game, Arthurlie Amateurs took a great deal from playing Star in a friendly some three months ago.

Stephen told me: “We played Easthall Star in what turned out to be our last game before the suspension of football.”

“It was a good test for us in Pre-Season against a Premier Division team, and with the game ending in a hard-fought draw, we felt we matched up well against a good side – 30 years is some going at this level, so well done to everyone involved there for that.

As Chief Writer at AmmyFitbaNews I have been featuring how Arthurlie Amateurs approached switching from Under-21 level into the amateurs since last August, and the obvious frustrations brought about by Covid-19 restrictions.

Stephen Connelly has updated me regularly -. especially welcome with the outcome of no football – and he said “You have done well to keep covering teams and and getting articles out there over the past year – with so little to go on.”

“That’s a credit to the hard work you and the team are doing to promote the Amateur game.”

“It’s a poor show that more Clubs and Officials are not taking up the opportunity to give their thoughts on the current situation and football more widely when we can can play.”

“Hopefully there will be a bigger uptake when we are allowed back on the pitch again.”

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