Barrhead Coach Voices Concern Over Added Lockdown Measures

Faced with the prospect of still having to make their debut in the Scottish Amateur Football League after moving up from Under-21 level, Arthurlie Amateurs Coach Stephen Connelly has been trying to monitor any Mental Health issues which may arise within the Barrhead squad, and plan accordingly with his backroom staff on starting back again.

Stephen has been maintaining a close watch on the Global pandemic, and closer to home how clubs at his level of the game have been coping by following Scottish Amateur Football News.

He admitted “I’ve got my own reservations about the approach to continual lockdowns and restrictions, and I don’t think enough consideration is being given to the harms caused by these, but it is important that everyone steers clear of this virus and everyone remains healthy – hopefully we can come through this sooner rather than later.”

“You have done well to keep covering teams and getting articles out there over the past year – with so little to go on. That’s a credit to the hard work you and the team are doing to promote the Amateur game.”

“In terms of the football, or lack of it, then my worry is that this has now become normal and as it currently stands, I am personally struggling to envisage a moment when we as a team and Amateur Football more generally actually get back to training and playing.”

“Whilst the vaccine rollout has started, there is no clear exit strategy from the restrictions that we find ourselves in. I don’t see any material change to our restricted way of living, for a very long time. Hopefully I am wrong.”

“With the situation as it is, we as a team have had very limited interaction in the past few months and that will have been tough for everyone. The positive is that everything is in place for when we are allowed to train and play again, and we are looking forward to getting the guys back together when we can.”

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