Caley Chiefs Set To Review Start-Back Plan

Last week’s Scottish Government tougher Lockdown restrictions are likely to feature high on the agenda of the next Caledonian League Executive Committee Meeting, writes Tom Scott.

Advanced planning relating to the 2020-2021 season was previously generated and full details presented to member clubs during December the thought process being a defined. “Three Stage Approach” would allow for clear flexibility taking into account all possible eventualities, and set a path moving forward from the outset Of course, amid a new surge of Covid-19 cases throughout the country, there is no guarantee Amateur Football will be restored any time soon.

A reliable source has confirmed the Executive Committee will reconvene again this Thursday, when I understand the position will be further discussed.

Scottish Amateur Football News has been taking a look at some of the details that emerged from the “Three Stage Approach.” My Article content does not feature every sentence/ paragraph contained in the Executive Committee thought process, but hopefully helps those not involved within the game to identify the many hurdles that have to be overcome before competive football is able to resume.

From the outset, clubs will be competing for one or more of the traditional Caledonian League trophies – Premier / First Division, William Turner Challenge Cup, Douglas Smith League Cup and/ or President’s Cup.

There would be no friendlies.

Depending on when football returns, the Match Secretary, given the number of Matchdays remaining, has a clear pathway to follow, and can start at whatever stage of the plan is applicable at that time.

STAGE ONE: Premier and First Division clubs will have home and away fixtures as per Constitution. Teams will not play each other home / away until the first round of league fixtures have been completed in case subsequent circumstances dictate he needs to move to Stage Two.

STAGE TWO: Step-Up from Stage One.

Premier Clubs: 6 Home – 7 Away Fixtures OR 7 Home – 6 Away Fixtures.

First Division Clubs: 6 Home – 6 Away Fixtures. Teams will still be competing to win the League Championship. No promotion or relegation.

STAGE THREE: When the Match Secretary has determined he can no longer complete both leagues (Stage Two format), due to insufficiency of Match Days remaining, he will implement a Cup Competition (s).

The format of the Cup (s) will be determined by the Match Secretary given the time constraints and Covid situation at that time.

As an outsider looking in, I have to say the Executive Committee are trying to ensure clubs can be offered the best possible opportunity to compete in a competive – and always safe – environment during these difficult times.

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