Maryhill Milan FC – More Than A Club

Manager Jamie Butler mentioned his club’s motto in this Interview, and their values towards life in general was shown again over the festive period when they raised £1070 running individual Half Marathons aimed at Radio Clyde’s Cash for Kids Appeal, writes Tom Scott.

On behalf of Scottish Amateur Football News, I wanted to find out the background and formation of the North Glasgow-based Club.

Jamie revealed: “I started the team back in 2017, mainly this was for boys in recovery. However, after struggling to get the numbers week after week, I decided to open it up to anyone, which in turn, turned out even better. I was getting players in who just came to play football, but realised what we were doing with our lives and gave them a platform to open up to the guys in the changing room. Our purpose of a team is to accept anyone.”

“To people that are isolated or have addiction issues, our doors will always be open. I also have guys that have no issues at all, but they know that some of the boys they share the changing room with do, and they respect that. We recently organised the run, Cash For Kids, where we ran Half Marathons.”

“Some walked even further. We manged to raise £1070 in the space of two weeks, and the boys all got their runs in. It is good to help other people, and this is what this club has always stood for.”

“We have a wee motto “MORE THAN A CLUB!” is what we say. Due to the values of the team. I have my Captain Anton Dakhil, who has been by my side from Day One. He has helped me with everything we have done to date.”

“The team is very close. We have built up good relationships with each other. It is also a very family organised team. With my Son and Son in Law, they been there from Day One also. We have had great support from our families. My wife has helped out in the back ground. Anton’s partner has done the same.”

“In fact, most the boys in the team have had their partners involved helping one way or another. It has been tough during the lockdown not getting about the boys, and not getting onto that park every Sunday, it is what most of us live for . We are passionate about the team. It has helped so many people, and is a shame to see it not serving that purpose at the moment.”

“While we are in this position, I will be looking at more ways to support the Community by doing Charity Events, which also keeps the boys on their toes. I know some may be reading this and saying “What has he got planned for us now? but to be honest in my eyes, I have the best boys in Amateur Football playing for this club. I have boys that just want to help others – boys that give me 100% on the field and off it.”

“I still have a lot of boys in the team that have been there from the start, and also signed a handful of great boys just before the lockdown.”

“I couldn’t ask for any more from them all and I owe them a lot for what they have given me over the years.”

**Maryhill Milan have worked their way through the GDSFC from the bottom Division to the Premiership, and also won the Challenge Cup Final and the Vase Cup Final.

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