Bearsden Target Experience To Help Young Squad

First-season Bearsden AFC Manager Kevin McGroarty has already looked beyond another lockdown and identified areas of the Central Scottish AFL team where some experience could be introduced to blend in with players who are relatively new to the demands of Amateur Football.

He told me “Our backroom team are all good. In terms of working with players we haven’t been allowed to (physical sessions), but I have been contacting a few players throughout the festive period and before to bring in some experienced players to our ambitions young team.”

Clubs in the Central Belt have been missing from competitive match action since October, and Kevin summed up the general mood of everyone “Frustrated still as you can imagine as we are still not being able to do anything football wise, but I can understand the restrictions as health comes first, but frustrated that we are being overlooked.”

“As far as the club is concerned, we are in constant contact with each other about what’s best going forward, what else we can do for the club etc, so still chatting about what’s best.”

“In terms of the players, we still have the group chat open and all have a laugh and joke in that about football and stuff. Some players are finding it tough not being able to be at training, so it’s difficult for them.”

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