Motherwell Kings – The Evolution And Success Story

The team has been formed since 2011 as Motherwell Kings AFC, but previously was known as Motherwell KC – starting in the 2005-2006 season. The Management and Players have changed, and progressed over the years. The team has been successful throughout the years within the Strathclyde Evangelical Churches League (SECFL). A lot of success has been achieved since the early years and up till now , when they were finally crowned Premier League Champions in season 2018- 2019 – a great achievement for the team.

Official Paul Jarvie revealed: “This hasn’t been handed to us though. A lot of credit to the commitment and desire as a team and the impact is through John Barr’s rigorous and intensive pre-season training they had begun to excel themselves. The training itself has been intensive, which has concentrated on producing a high tempo style of attacking football. Alongside the intensity of training within the squad, we have also worked on encouraging a new positive mindset within the players in the way they approached games. This has been key for us as a squad, all these things combined to give us a winning mentality, and has brought us much success.”

“The club has gone through various transitions over the years, players retiring, players leaving, and players making the next level up the ladder. Two pivot players, Callum Graham and John Barr Jnr, progressing to Ashfield FC Juniors. A great honour for us as a club – two players who were loyal, hardworking and dependable making their next steps.”

“This season, during these unprecedented times on the field, has been a non-starter, but off the field the commitment shown by the players as a team with various Zoom Quizzes, willingness to help each other, the important impact of being open, supportive and wanting to be there for each other throughout this year has been an example to others.”

“As we have not only tried to support each other but also, the community, the team made a donation to NLC Social Work Department at Christmas from the money that was there for training sessions we weren’t able to do, as well as continual emphasis as a club we put on the important of not only being healthy physically but also mentally.”

“Over the years as a team we have taken the initiative to have Mental Health Training Nights, which the players have participated in, and the nights have been facilitated by someone from North Lanarkshire Council.”

“We have not only made these nights about the players, but also opened it up to the Church and the public.”

“We would also like to say thank-you to the Kings Church especially Dave Ramage and the Church family.”

“We are greatly appreciative of our sponsors, Auto Recycling LTD, Bellshill. Our kit providers VSN Sports, and a Charity close to our hearts – Suicide Prevention, North Lanarkshire.”

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