The Big Interviews – End Of Year Review – Liam McGeachy (Semsa AFC)

Chief Writer Tom Scott always welcomes the opportunity to speak and Interview players from within Scottish Amateur Football.

Here he has sought out the views of a team captain currently robbed of playing in a Cup Final due to Covid-19.

“Cup Final Delay Will Be Worth The Wait”

Semsa FC captain Liam McGeachy insists his team mates, and opponents Port Glasgow will still relish the prospect of playing in the SSMAFL President’s Cup final – even if the game will not now take place until well into the summer!

The planned October clash was postponed due to updated Covid-19 restrictions, but Liam still remains upbeat and has revealed “We all have a final to play. Personally, I can’t wait!”

Semsa, crowned SSMAFL Championship winners in 2017-2018, secured their big day out by defeating Real McCoy 7-2. Daniel Chalmers stole the Semi-Final show with a five-goal haul, alongside counters from Craig McDowall and Marc McGill.

The continued absence of Scottish Amateur Football has, not surprisingly, drawn plenty of criticism, and Liam told me: “It’s such a shame our game has been left behind.

“Many find football a good escape, mentally and physically, but understandably there are bigger things happening in the world. Hopefully, we will be back soon playing and coaching the game we all love.”

In November, Liam was the chief organiser behind a food-bag collection and donation to the Glasgow S.E. Foodbank – subsequently highlighted by myself at Scottish Amateur Football News – and the Semsa captain greatly appreciated our coverage.

“I follow the forums and social media, and I always look forward to reading all the articles / stories @AmmyFitbaNews” he added.

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