Sheddocksley Aim To Honour Memory Of Club Legend

Manager Ewan McPherson insists the new Sheddocksley FC are determined to honour the memory of a true local footballing legend having made their winless debut in the Aberdeen Sunday Amateur Football League. Ewan clearly has a strong emotional feeling behind the re-emergence of the club name.

He said “The club was formed due to the sad passing of the old Sheddocksley’s Chairman, Mr Andy Paterson, AKA Andy P, who was the most respectful man I have ever met. He was liked by all, and always gave his all to come to training, and be the best Chairman he could possibly be. While I was at his Funeral last year, I thought to myself I had to keep his team formed as they were disbanded two years ago.”

“Everything we will be doing will be for him, and the guys who play under me to mark his wonderful life.”

As part of my Exclusive, Ewan McPherson added: “I have recruited guys that I have played with since I was the age of 5 (15 years ago), who played for Sheddocksley Boys Club, as well as people I have met along the way and have got on well with. I know they will give me everything they have to get better.”

Sheddocksley, who have still to register a point in the Aberdeen Sunday League, will be training and playing games at Balmoral Stadium – home of Cove Rangers – until the end of January at the very least.

*Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire went into Tier-4 on Boxing Day.

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