Corstorphine Dynamo Continue Outstanding Hub Support

Aaron Moffat is rightly proud of the outstanding work Corstorphine Dynamo FC carry out within the local community – using their Hub Building as a focal point even before Covid-19 hit the country. The leading Club Official took time today to outline some of their superb efforts.

He said: “As you know , we want to use football to make a difference and have had many different projects on the go in 2020 – when lockdown first hit we thought of a way to keep our boys fit whilst raising money for charity , so we launched #Dynamo2Dresden, which saw our players from our 3 adult sides aim to travel the distance from the Dynamo Hub to Dynamo Dresden in Germany. We smashed this and made it to Dynamo Brest in Belarus, and more which totalled 2700km by 56 people in 2 weeks, whilst raising £1050 for the Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation Covid 19 Fundraising Appeal on behalf of NHS Lothian”

“We carried out our Xmas food bank appeal which saw us donate 7 large trollies of food and non-food items to the Edinburgh Food Project.”

“Most recently, we installed a defibrillator on the outside of our clubhouse – donated by Harry McCorkell and Alex Stewart via the St Johns and the City defibrillator project.”

“Our community officer proposed we make an application to the City defibrillator project for the Hub to be the home to a public access defib due to its location – facing onto 5 x 11 a side pitches, a playpark, a cricket field and 4 x 7 a side pitches , not to mention the large number of people that use the park for walking/running. Delivering CPR and a shock within 3-5 minutes after someone has suffered a cardiac arrest increases their survival chance from 6% to 74%.”

“However, delaying treatment results in a decrease of 10% per minute for the victim’s survival chance – this is why we thought it was vital that we had a public access defib in such close proximity to all the pitches within the park.”

“To gain access, all you need to do is dial 999, provide the location reference code on the box (our Photographs show the Dynamo Hub), and they will give you the code to access the AED.”

Many thanks to Aaron Moffat for his time today, and the photographs attached.

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