The Big Interviews – End Of Year Review – Troon Town AFC

“Troon Town: A Team Built on Long-Term Friendships.”

When the Going Gets Tough – The Tough Get Going….at least that is what we are told, and I learned plenty covering the emergence of TROON TOWN FC back in early October. My exclusive reached top-three viewing stats upon the week of publication.

Dedication and long-term friendships sum up Troon Town FC according to their oldest player – 38-year-old Ryan Brown. Don’t be fooled by his age as he is more than capable of competing alongside younger players, and is loving the experience of a team formed in 2017.

Said Ryan “It is true we have been going for only three years with initially a group (including myself) of friends aged 18 to 38.”

“However, I can take you further back with that, when we all met at Troon United (a Saturday Amateur team) about 13 years or so ago.”

“We have mainly kept the same squad since we formed the current set-up, which I know is rare, and with some additions along the way have built momentum to get better each season.”

“The team is sponsored by the South Beach Hotel in Troon. They kindly provide hospitality for us and our opponents after games, and our home ground is Hosery Park.”

The Troon Town outfit is managed by Ari Gass, with Mike Wilson as his Assistant.

Ryan Brown added “Ari Gass was a very good player, but sustained a knee injury and had to quit playing earlier than expected, so he took on a role of organising things behind the scenes.”

“In our first season, Mike was the Manager and then stepped down to let Ari take over. By the way, Mike is still playing as well.”

“I hope to hear more about Troon Town and other Ayrshire-based Clubs once current restrictions are eased – even if their involvement only covers friendlies.”

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