SAFN Spotlight – We Won The League – Easterhouse AFC (2001)

Here is an insight into my new 2021 Feature – where nothing beats the excitement and joy attached of winning a League Championship, writes Tom Scott. Some of the club’s Tom will feature have dropped out of Scottish Amateur Football, but that does not detract from highlighting great achievements within the game.


My first gaze into the spotlight was back in June, 2001, writes Tom Scott. Easterhouse AFC used the disappointment of the previous year’s campaign in the Glasgow East End Sunday League as a springboard for success second time around.

Some 12 months earlier, Shettleston AFC dented their title hopes in a last-day showdown. ‘House, who had only been going three years and played home games at Westwood School Paris, finished the 2000-2001 programme eight points ahead of second-placed Cornalee.

Manager Steven Walters and Assistant David Fisher also took Easterhouse AFC to the final of the Home and Away Cup Final at Vale of Clyde’s Fullarton Park, Tollcross, where they lost after extra-time against Drummonds, Said Steven “These lads haven’t reached their full potential. This is a young side, with an average age of 25, and we want to strength the squad even further to compete in the Burnside Sunday Amateur League.”

Has YOUR CLUB won a League Championship that can be shared with our ever-growing followers / visitors/ daily readers? Please get in touch with Tom Scott and allow him to highlight the achievement in our New 2021 feature – SAFN SPOTLIGHT – WE WON THE LEAGUE.

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