Colville Transition Set To Continue In The New Year

Long-Serving Colville Park E AFC stalwart Andy Williamson today admitted Covid-19 has not changed the challenge which he knew was already waiting for them after taking a season out of Amateur football The glory days of winning Scottish and West of Scotland Cups Premier Division titles, plus domestic competitions in the shape of the League Cup and M and M Trophy were brought to a shuddering halt in September 2019, when the Motherwell club announced they were quitting due to a shortage of players. – just four months after beating Eastfield 2-0 in an all- Central Scottish AFL National Final at Hampden Park.

Prior to their demise at least three managers had tried to steer the rudderless ship back of course following the hugely successful reign of Michael Kennedy, who gave Colville ample notice he was about to undertake a brand-new challenge at Darvel FC.

No doubt Colville folding was welcomed by quite a few managers and coaches of other clubs after all football is a results-driven business even in amateur football!

Now Kenny Henderson is attempting to put the building blocks in place – albeit interrupted by Government restrictions and Tier-4 rules – in his first job at this level and with a squad that had still to register a league victory by October 10.

Andy Williamson has been a player, manager and currently serves on the Club Committee with another amazing man, Joe Walker. The pair have spent an incredible amount of their lives with Colville, and the one thing that comes across when I mention both gentlemen by name to various people within the game is nobody has a bad word to say about them!

That speaks volumes for their character and integrity. Andy told me “Kenny Henderson is an enthusiast, and we are looking forward to getting back into competitive action when the current restrictions are finally lifted. It has been a most frustrating season so far – made much worse of course by the fact that we had to sit out last season as well when things didn’t work out for us.”

“This greatly fore-shortened season will be a rebuilding one for us of course and we are realistic enough to know that it will take time for us to get back to the level we had a couple of years ago, but that is our target, and we are looking forward to that challenge.”

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