Kelvindale Star Sets Himself a 51- Day Charities Challenge

If Covid-19 has produced any positives – certainly not in terms of cases or tragic loss of lives – it it triggering the imagination of people to organise a whole host of ideas in raising money for different Charities.

David Hamilton, of Kelvindale AFC, has come up with one of the toughest Challenges imaginable…and then some!

Today he revealed: ” I am currently doing a 51day challenge. This challenge is to run a 5km every day for 51 consecutive days.

“I am already half – way through and have completed run 28 earlier yesterday afternoon.”

“I am running for two groups. The first being @timetotackle who I believe follow you on Twitter.”

“I have been attending this great initiative since the group started back in October last year. They have helped share my personal story through sharing my book, website and a recent podcast they are doing.”

“My story is based on my bi polar experience and how football saved my life when in some dark places, said David, who has also played for Mearns, Neilston Amateurs, Neilston Juniors and Kilbarchan.”

“The other group is enablescotland who help find work for people with disabilities and numerous other aspects with life. My sister with Down’s Syndrome being one of their clients.”

I have sent up a gofund me page, and have managed to obtain a Barcelona Inesta signed jersey to pick a name from the people who have donated.”

“I was wondering if you could highlight my Challenge, and also retweet for me if possible.”

“My Twitter handle is @davidhamilton85”

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