Bullwood AFC…..The Birth and Success in Amateur Football

Back in March, Covid-19 put the brakes on football at every level, but the Amateur enthusiasts have been badly hit – and without doubt subsequently poorly treated by those in Scottish Government circles.

Many League and Cup competitions have since been declared Null and Void. Some Associations are trying to complete enough games to determine promotion and relegation issues still outstanding from season 2019-2020 – and reviewing what can be salvaged for a reduced 2020-2021 campaign.

BULLWOOD AFC were rightly awarded a League Championship, but have still to play in the latter stages of the Scottish Sunday Trophy and West of Scotland Cup.

Today, I have gone behind the scenes to find out how they were created, and hear about the success that has since followed from Assistant Manager Allan McSorley.

Said Allan: “I started Alpha FC about 8 years ago and had David Lafferty as my Assistant and we did well for about 5years before folding. Both of us took separate development teams. I took Motherwell Villa B and he took Lanarkshire Forrest B with Rab McMahon (our keeper from Alpha). Bullwood Joinery, and East to West Roofing wanted to start up a new team, so we took our name from 1 sponsor and had the other on our shirts.

“David and Rab were both asked to take the new team and they asked me to join the Management. This time around I am David’s Assistant.”

“The team consisted of players brought in from Alpha, and from friends of Bullwood Joinery, that could potentially play higher but are together as they all want to play as a big group of mates.”

“The team has been name checked in national papers as we have Professional MMA fighter Chris Bungard playing for us. Part of our training has been doing circuits at MTK Global Gym. It is a boxing gym but has been keeping our strength and fitness up.”

“In the Airdrie and Coatbridge Sunday Amateur League we were the only team in any of the divisions awarded the league when Covid struck because it was impossible for us to be caught. The league was small but very competitive with very good teams like Bullfrog, Bellshill and Lesmahagow featuring. However, too many teams were folding or leaving the league, so we decided to enter the Glasgow Central League.”

“In addition to winning the Championship, we also defeated Viewpark United on penalties (after a 2-2 draw) in the Charity Cup Final at Airdrie Stadium.”

Sponsorship plays a huge part in the successful Bullwood AFC profile, and Allan was only too willing to highlight the following names.

Shirts – KHL Home Improvements.

Polos – Spices Tandoori.

Hats – Trademark Property Care.

And Paul Mockus kindly bought the match balls (photographed) for us without any sponsorship needs.”

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