Victory Salute Support For Christmas Campaign

North Glasgow Victory officials have publicly thanked the support they received in being able to make a sizeable donation to Glasgow’s “Spirit of Christmas” campaign.

Helped by the amazing generosity of players, family, friends and not least club sponsors, DtL Creative,. NGV have collected an amazing £550, which will provide children with gifts and essentials this Christmas. Well done, everyone!

On the playing front, North Glasgow Victory were put through their paces pre-season, and provided plenty of potential in games against Semsa, Newlands and Dinamo Paisley FC.

However, the Scottish Government pulled the plug on amateur football, and their debut in the Strathclyde Saturday Morning AFL on October 10.

Needless to say, VIctory and visitors Haghill- St Roch were eager to kick- off the sponsored Legends Bar Diner Development League with a win!

Now in Tier-4, there is always a concern clubs will lose their players or fold completely. NGV have had to adapt with virtual training and core work.

Geographical travel rules won’t stop until 11tb December at the earliest, but small (non-contact) groups have managed to keep their Firhill let going and help keep the floodlights on between various restrictions!

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