Craigneuk Moving Towards Lucrative Bonus Ball Draw

Manager John Collins has admitted Craigneuk Amateurs FC are well down the road to organising their high-priority Club Bonus Ball Draw. The Greater Glasgow Premier AFL club are raising funds to cover the cost of Player of the Year trophies for season 2019-2020, which they hope to announce and present before Christmas.

Said John: “We are in the positive position of being able to offer a unique prize to the winner. However, if this doesn’t suit, a cash prize of £200 is available.”

“As I’ve mentioned before, the Adidas boots are size 11 or size 10.5, Elite Predator Mania 2019 remakes. K-Leather, Prime knit upper, 3D carbon fibre sole plate. Very few are still available, so this is a top prize.”

“We have had a good response so far and sold 25 numbers. With us having a big squad, it really helps because all the players get right behind our Fundraisers.”

“The draw will be made once all numbers are sold. Anyone who is interested can DM the Craigneuk Amateurs Twitter/Facebook/Instagram.”


Graphics and Photographs kindly provided by Manager John J Collins.

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