Colville Confirm Saturday Evening Players’ Zoom Call

Scottish Amateur Footballl News Exclusive….

Colville Park E AFC are leaving no stone unturned in their efforts to maintain player-interest or pinpoint anyone struggling with Mental Health issues – and a 5.30pm Zoom Call meeting has been arranged for this evening!

Manager Kenny Henderson and Assistant Bobby Patterson have remained in contact with all their players through phone calls or group chat since the Scottish Government announced no competitive would be played after October 3.

Said Kenny: “We have arranged the call for 17:. 30 hours to keep the guy’s spirits up.”

“With setting up a brand new team and having a squad of 22 players who were strange with each other I honestly felt we were getting there in terms of turning a corner, and turning those narrow defeats into wins. Not being able to use a dressing room was frustrating, not only for the boys and the banter that goes with it , but also for me and Bobby trying to carry out thorough team talks. Unable to put our game plan together and get that message into the boys is so much harder doing that at the side of a park in terrible conditions.”

“To try and rebuild Colville was always a massive task in itself. Trying to rebuild any football club during a global pandemic made the job so much harder, and I can only thank all the boys who have stayed with me despite several attempts by WOS teams to give them game time, I also feel amateur football has been harshly dealt with by the Government. I really don’t understand how West of Scotland teams who don’t get tested can still play, yet we can’t.”

“Every team out there at our level are all feeling the same frustration and for the sake of the boy’s Mental Health I hope we can get back playing sooner rather than later.”

“I have been very fortunate not to have lost anyone during this unique time and once we are back I am hoping I will have a few new faces coming into our squad to give us that little bit extra we needed.”

“The boys are all doing their own fitness programmes (hopefully), but they are all struggling without the game we love being able to play and train!”

“We don’t know anything with regards to a league restart date, but we just need to stick together during this global pandemic, and hopefully every club will survive, and next year will see us return to the game we love.”

“It is a hard time for everyone out there and it’s great to see the football community doing their bit to keep everyone’s Mental Health up. We are also very lucky to have the NHS who have done a great job during hard circumstances , and above everything else at the moment it’s just making sure everyone stays in contact,. stays safe and hopefully can return to football as we knew it sooner rather than later.”

ANDREW SKINNER…..Scored three goals in two games after joining Colville Park E AFC.

Kenny also revealed Goalkeeper Darren Linton, formerly of Wishaw HSFP, was his final signing before the last game early October, and that former junior football winger Andrew Skinner, who made a stunning start at Colville with three goals in two games, is still part of their squad.

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