Headline Makers Revisited – Sunday Central AFL (August 2011)

Sunday Amateurs Revamp Completed An ambitious summer reconstruction plan involving the Sunday Central Amateur Football League produced four divisions for the 2011-2012 season, writes Tom Scott.

Promotion and relegation was guaranteed as clubs attempted to win a place in the Premier Division. Castlebrae and MK Dynamo went into the top-flight as champions from the defunct West and East Divisions respectively, and were joined by East runners-up Beechwood.

The remaining clubs were distributed throughout the league based on final placings from the previous season, and I can reveal new clubs were selected through a “chronological order procedure” upon applying for membership.

League officials were delighted they managed to retain 2010 Premier Division champions Castlemilk Dynamo, plus former First Division winners Cleland and Sheddens.

Even more pleasing was the quality of new Division 3 applicants in the form of Queens Park Spiders, Third Lanark and Wellshot.

The season started on August 21, and Sunday Amateur Football followers will no doubt recognise some of the following club names!

Premier Division: Beechwood, Sandymount, Drumchapel Athletic, Thornwood, Finnart, Cleland, Provanmill, Castlemilk Dynamo, Westburn, MK Dynamo, Westhill and Castlebrae.

Division 1: Castlemilk United, Glasgow South, Palonia, Broadwood, Greenhills, Budhill, Rutherglen Vultures, Sheddens, Springhall and Manhattan Blacks.

Division 2: Ballerup, Eastfield Star, Castlemilk East, Gartferry, Kirkhill, FC Baillieston, Murray, Treble 2, Southside Whitecart, Cumbernauld Colts, The Vogue, and Kildrum United.

Division 3: East End Rovers, Stanley Athletic, Gorbals United, Milton Athletic, John Browns FC, Lanarkshire Eagles, Quayside, Third Lanark, Queens Park Spiders, Southside Select, Wellshot, Dominoid United.

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