Thistle Manager Issues Fears Over Amateur Game

Aldo Lindsay has been around football at different levels as a player displaying great ability. Now he has genuine fears about the future of Scottish Amateur Football.

The Baillieston Thistle AFC boss guided his team to a 4-1 win over Bellahouston in Division 1 of the Glasgow District Saturday Morning League way back on October 3 before Scottish Government restrictions pulled the plug on competitive football and club training sessions.

Let’s be honest here, last Thursday’s Holyrood announcement brought little in the way of a shining light coming down the end of the tunnel any time soon!

Aldo told me: “I think it is a really worrying time just now for amateur football. A lot of boys are becoming disillusioned with it all now as to why we are not being allowed to train and play. Of course, everyone’s safety comes first in times like this, but I don’t see any evidence to suggest that we shouldn’t be allowed to train and play.”

“I’m seeing the same things on twitter across the board from amateur clubs. A lot of boys rely on that couple of hours during the week and a Saturday Morning as their release from whatever worries or problems that they might have in their own lives. Not to mention the physical aspects of it as well.”

“The sooner we can get back out there the better for everyone.”

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