GDSFC Support Spirit Of Christmas Appeal 2020

Nim Roy has confirmed his league are reaching out to help and promote another outstanding charity. The GDSFC has never been slow at coming forward to support people or organisations less fortunate than themselves, and their latest project should touch at the heartstrings of everyone.

Nim Roy is the driving force behind the League and won’t shrink from dealing with anything that comes his way and requires nothing less than 100% commitment.

He revealed “We will be supporting the Glasgow Spirit of Christmas Appeal again to help make Xmas special,  and a memorable day for children who won’t have that.

“The sad reality is that 1 in 5 children in Scotland, and 1 in 3 in Glasgow lives in poverty and that figure is set to rise over the coming years with a massive increase forecast this year in child poverty.

“We (GDSFC) want to do our bit to help and bring joy to these children in what already has been a tough year for all.

“Last year, our members rallied together and we donated £250 and over 50 predilection Gift Bags. We would love to do something similar this year.”

“Football may have stopped for GDSFC,  but our willingness to help local Charities doesn’t !!”

FLASHBACK to the 2019 Charity Appeal Team Managers were out in force to attend their League meeting , and in the process donated  over 50 Gift Bags – an incredible act of kindness which the GDSFC is renowned for!

Well done, everyone. We hope the 2020 Appeal is just as successful.

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