Saturday Morning Chief Reveals Concerns Over Length Of Season

Andy Bryant has expressed real concerns that clubs in membership of the highly popular Strathclyde Saturday Morning AFL may be unable to finish the 2020-2021 season – let alone start the campaign as they are already behind schedule.

Mr Bryant is one of the most respected officials in the game and doubles up as President/ Treasurer of the League,. and he is “not amused at the decision not to allow the. Amateur game to get back playing.”

He said:  “The SSMAFL share the frustration of around 70% of amateur football as the Central Belt remains in lockout.”

“Despite pleas to MSP’s from leagues, clubs and the Scottish Amateur FA, fixtures are again delayed, even though the semi pro level, which has loads of players on an amateur basis, are allowed to continue.”

“The league are currently reviewing the fixture list every week, rather than cancel en bloc, but the fact is it will become increasingly difficult now to have a full season.”

“The league had plans in place in reducing the size of most divisions, and they still will hopefully be able to complete a full home and away card, but many more delays will have a devastating effect, as players lose the chance of good physical and mental exercise.”

Andy shares one common theme with many others involved throughout the game and added:  “There is little or no evidence to suggest that any contact sport had been responsible for the increase in the rise of infections from Covid-19, and we are being punished more than is required. Yes, this is an awful pandemic, but surely we are adding to the burden people are asked to carry, when most amateur sport has little enough contact time for the virus to be transmitted, which was proven in the limited time clubs had training and playing matches.”

“And also from the areas outside the Central Belt where they are playing with no proof of a detrimental effect.”

“The league (SSMAFL) will continue to assist the amateur game as a whole to pursue the goal of LETTING US PLAY.”

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