United Organise Food Bank 2020 Donations

Tannochside United have issued an appeal to the local and Amateur Football Community for donations after launching their Food Bank 2020 Appeal.

The SSMAFL team are seeking to follow in the footsteps of other clubs carrying out great charity work, and they believe if enough support is shown to those individuals and families struggling throughout Covid-19,   a massive improvement can take place.

Several local charities will benefit from the United initiative and I can exclusively reveal officials will carry out their first collection from the Tannochside Scotmid Car Park between 6.30pm and 8.30pm on Wednesday,.  November 4.

Hopefully moving forward,. further collections can be slotted into the project every fortnight thereafter from the same location.

Tannochside have drawn up a lengthy list of items which can be donated via their Social Media page, a United player or Committee Member directly.  

Toiletries, Soap Powder, Cereal, Powdered Milk, Rice, Canned Fruit, Tea Bags, and Canned Meats figure prominently, but all donations of other essentials would be greatly appreciated.

*The very best of luck to everyone involved from the team @AmmyFitbaNews.

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