Italian Goalkeeper Secures Amateur Club Offer


DAVID MAGLIARI has been rewarded for his experience of the Italian professional adult and semi-professional youth teams by securing a signing offer at Fintry AFC…thanks in no small measure to publicity @AmmyFitbaNews!

Back in August,  I revealed  the Milan-based 21-year-old goalkeeper was set for a study course in Dundee , and had already tried to contact all the junior and amateur teams in Dundee, but received no responses. The only team that answered his messages was Lochee United AFC.

David told me “I am 6 ft 3 one tall, and have been playing constantly as a goalkeeper from around 7/8 to 18 years old. I broke my hand three years ago but I have fully recovered. Since I don’t have a club here because I am moving , I have been playing 5s and 7s to keep me ticking over in preparation for 11 a side football.”

“I played for the youth teams of Crespi Morbio ASD (currently Crespi 2017), playing in Terza Categoria Milano Giron’s D.,. Garibaldina 1932, (Prima Categoria Lombardi’s Girone L) and Sempione Half, who have a partnership with Serie  B side Chievo Verona.”

“I was also the second goalkeeper for Sempione Hallf’s first team in Italy’s 7th football tier. It was a great experience playing in local tournaments against both semi professional adult teams, and youth pro teams notably Milan, Inter, and Atalanta.”

Well, following my Exclusive, David was contacted  by the Fintry manager via Facebook as the Government gave the green light for training, and his first words from the City of Discovery were “Tom,. I can’t thank you enough.”

“I joined them for a trial session and it went well. They are all very good, and the level is higher than I expected.”

“Everyone has been super friendly and they have made me feel at home. The language barrier has been less of an issue than I expected. They are making efforts to understand me, and are an amazing group of people.”

“From what I have seen, the team really deserves the best results and to repeat the ones they had last season.”

When I asked about his studies,. David replied: “Yes, I have started University here in  Dundee. Everything is going fine. The city is lovely, and the people are all friendly and welcoming.”

“I could not have asked for a better place or a better team.”

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