Kilsyth Rovers Embrace Top Flight Tech

Scottish Amateur Football News Exclusive

Kilsyth Rovers have signed a deal with football tech company Player Data that will see the Sunday league outfit use GPS tracking to help raise and maintain fitness and performance standards at the club.

The Sunday Central side will use GPS monitoring of players sprint speeds, distance covered, heat maps and more to analyse and examine player fitness, injury risk and in game performance.

Player Data is used by a number of professional and junior sides across Scotland. The bespoke system will also allow players to give feedback on injuries, training, sleep and motivation levels.

Head Coach Olly Dickinson said “This is all part of the bigger picture and plan myself and Kevin (Manager) have for the club. We are in a fortunate position to be well backed and able to experiment with many resources that are not available to some clubs of a similar size to us”

“We really want to get the message out there that we are a club with a long term plan to train and develop both the team and individuals , and allow them to achieve their full potential”

“We recognise that this is Sunday League football for now and that some players will have ambitions to take their football journey further. We want to help them with that and in turn push the club further than it has ever been before.”

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