A Story Of Hope

Let me tell you a story of hope.

At this time hope is a thing that is massively limited in the world. For most people it is seemingly being taken at every available opportunity Now most of us are simply unable to go to the thing we all love. We are being stopped from seeing family and friends and nearly everyone is being directly affected by this action negatively.

Whilst it is impossible to go into grounds to watch teams play football, there is hope. Amateurs teams up and down the land is giving us this small hope that we all hope will grow.

The power of hope is without doubt the most powerful thing in the world. Ask anyone who has tried to commit suicide. The thing that puts most onto that point isn’t, heartbreak or joblosses or even trouble with the law. It is the hope! It’s the thought of being completely hopeless and at a loss with the world that is the final straw.

I’ve learnt many things in life and from my own experience I know just how important two things are in life. Hope and People.
The power of one person who can change so much simply with the power of hope.

If you want to succeed in life and football be willing to give everything you have for the cause because the only people who succeed are the ones giving it there all. The ones who feel pain in their legs and use it to drive them forward.

Mohammad Ali was once asked in an interview how many sit ups, he did in a day? His answer was simply he didn’t know, because he wouldn’t start counting until it started to hurt.

When people go to sea onboard a submarine, they know that they may never return to the surface without everyone onboard doing their individual jobs to achieve the basic goal of returning. They look into each other’s eyes and know that each of their life’s rests with their shipmates. One person doesn’t to the job and everyone onboard dive to a cold grave less death in the deep.

When you are playing football in driving icy rain on a Saturday morning in January and you are down by 3 what kind of person are you? Are you the sort of person who will come out and stand tall wipe your brow and get straight into it? Or are you the sort of person who holds on to the cuff of the top and prays the ref speeds the game up?

The most powerful thing anyone can do is give hope to others. The best leaders in the world are the ones who stand tall and face down the bullies, help to downtrodden, near judge, accept failure, understand life is often unfair, but they never stop and never give up.

Never judge a man by his natural talent or skill but judge a man by the size of his heart. See how they deal with being beaten down, if they rise again, they will succeed.

Amateur football is different to professional football. Its pure, raw and often misunderstood.

It takes a love of the game to play for nothing. It takes drive and desire to take knock back after knock back to play a game for no celebrity or glamour. However, the wins matter the same and the dedication is more.
When you guys pull on the kits of a Saturday and Sunday morning, you are closer to the pioneers of the game than any professional footballer in the land. When they talk about history of the game it is the amateur players throughout the land that should stand tallest.

Football these days in the professional game is now merely a middle-class sport of people whose parents could afford the fees to get their child into the best academies.

We believe that the days of a boy making it still by just having a ball is over. For the most part that is true. However, you guys are the people that give the young lads hope. The hope that if they work hard, they can achieve a goal.

Remember that when a battle comes people don’t fight for a flag, country or king. They fight for the men stood beside them. That’s the truth. Amateur footballers are the people that stand on that front line more than anyone.

In a world where hope, friendship and general togetherness is sadly lacking, amateur football in Scotland is our beckon of hope. A group of friends who gather every weekend for football to play wholeheartedly and full of determination and desire. These are the people who give me and so many others hope.

With a season like no other, we all look on in admiration at people still turning out to play a game that for centuries has belonged to Scotland.
So, from the bottom of my heart and many others.

Thank You for giving people the hope to help them through.

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