Frustrating Times For Managers Seeking New Coaching Blood

Maybe it is a sign of times, but I detect an element of frustration among Amateur Football Mangers as they attempt to bring coaches, preferably with some sort of experience working with players into their own Club domain.

Castlemilk Dynamo AFC recruited two excellent captures this month, which I exclusively revealed and Westerlands AFC have personally contacted me to say they will release details on the way they will be moving forward in the next couple of days. I already know the name of their next First Team Head Coach, but have agreed not to publicise until the official media release (with a photograph of the gentleman) is presented.

FC Southside United Manager Derek Johnston is still looking to attract a coach who would ultimately assume more responsibility,. and former Scottish Amateur Cup holders,

Colville Park E AFC, now under the watchful eye of Kenny Henderson, would bite any of your hands off to recruit the right person. I have been told he is a players’ Manager.

One highly respected official, whose identity I will not reveal, said ” Why do Committees go for guys who have had more clubs in the space of a couple of years than I have had in my entire career?”

“I honestly think people love the sound of being a manager/ coach. but when the reality hits home. You find folk walking away. Obviously when it comes to backing anything (including working with the players) up and delivering, they are not interested.”

Colville Park E AFC and FC Southside United head up a list of clubs keen to hear from genuine candidates that don’t do walking away!

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