Club Interview: Black Star Glasgow AFC

Scottish Amateur Football News Writer Tom Scott has another great exclusive Club Interview special with Andrew Collins, of Black Star Glasgow taking centre stage. Black Star Glasgow will be playing in the Airdrie and Coatbridge Sunday Amateur Football League. Many thanks, Andrew.

As you are a first- season amateur team, how did you settle on the club name?

Starting out, we set up a committee of four members and the first decision to be made was the issue of the team name. Luckily, the first name we came up with was Black Star Glasgow. I wish it all went as smoothly.

Prior to Black Star Glasgow, have you previous coaching experience in football? If so, with whom?

Like I mentioned in the last question four committee members set up the team. As all four of us are still playing we have recruited father and son team, namely Ben Queenan and Chris Queenan. Both Chris and Ben have good experience coupled with SFA badges 1 2 and 3. Ben has a history in youth football having a long running stint and success with Shawfield.

Both have shown already that they are well suited to the amateur game and hopefully we can prove that with success on the park.

Who is involved running the team ?

We have an amazing group throughout the club. From committee, management, players and even the numerous young players being attracted to the club. Everyone is going above and beyond to ensure success on and off the park. It’s early days, so it’s all hands to the pump.

We are loving every minute. Bring it on!

Do you have a sponsor?

We thought we would maximise revenue by splitting up sponsorship and having multiple deals available. After one conversation with our current sponsor, Craig Brown, from Browns Interior System Specialist,. we decided to give them the sole sponsorship of the club. After realising the initial and continued commitment Craig would bring to the club, we are in no doubt this will be a fruitful and lasting relationship. Thanks again, Craig.

Do you have any friendlies lined up for the team?

Yes, we have the following set up 13th September 2020 – Clerwood Thistle, who are also a new set up from the same area as us. We have a lot of friends in common, so it should be a good laugh and of course bragging rights up for grabs. Hopefully, we can make this a regular pre season fixture. All the best to Clerwood for their first season together.

19th September 2020 – Red Star. This fixture sees us play on a Saturday against my former team (albeit a short stint). Great bunch of boys working hard to recreate their unrivallled success of a few years ago.

23rd September 2020 – Glasgow White Heart. Our first ever midweek fixture (getting ready for the Champions League). Don’t know anything about White Heart. They contacted us on Facebook. Looking forward to it!

27th September 2020 – To Be Arranged.

What are your Aims and Ambitions for the season ahead, bearing in mind it will be different to previous years?

No two ways about it, we aim to be successful right off the bat. We are fully committed to being competitive in every competition we are lucky enough to be a part of. We know it is easier to say this than to do but we look forward to facing set-backs and adversity because in these challenges we can show what we are really made of.

More importantly, from that initial on park success, we aim to build a proper football club that will be about for years to come. It is with this larger goal in mind we ask more than your usual Sunday team by way of attitude and commitment. We feel like the future is bright for us and we welcome anyone along who wants to be part of it.

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