A Committee Members C.V. Has Increased Ten-Fold

News Writer Tom Scott takes an objective look at the Modern Day Committee  Member. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Hands up anyone who would like to volunteer for the role as a Committee Member at their local non league club?

No takers? Thought so. The silence is usually deafening – and that was before the countrywide lockdown.

As we were growing up playing the beautiful game in the pursuit of joining a team/club, I am the first to admit little consideration was given to those dedicated volunteers who cut the grass, lined the pitch, made pre match contact with the referee, plus opponents, and best of all organised a multitude of fund raising ideas, just to keep our club afloat. Looking back, that was frightening in the extreme!

Since joining AmmyFitbaNews as a Writer,  I have discovered countless hours of dedicated effort with a club set up can also overlap into levels at League and SAFA International Committee level.

Try these roles for size – Treasurer, Match Secretary, Minute Secretary, Match Day Administrator (Team Lines), Photographer, Blog Writer, and those responsible for Social Media Re Tweeting.

Incidentally, apologies to anyone who is undertaking other  non payment duties on behalf of their team. The list is endless!
One prominent club representative involved with the Scottish Amateur F.A. – never mind his Stirling based amateur club –  said: “I’ve done that (various roles) for a few years, and it is very rewarding.”

The gentleman I have highlighted joins a list of hugely respected people I have met over many years covering all sports, and also goalkeeping coaching. Three spring to mind right across the spectrum – the late, great Gerry Marley, who in my humble opinion was Mr Campsie Black Watch Under 21, Robert Noble, a founder member of the sadly defunct former Scottish Amateur Cup winners Wellhouse Amateurs, and Jim Wilson, who I know will relish the new Conference challenge that awaits Vale of Clyde F.C.

Without a shadow of doubt, they could tell us a story of the highs ( and lows) of day-to-day footballing life, which started as a hobby, but then became an obsession!

The next time you are asked to help support your club or team – and it might include purchasing a space on the Hidden Team Card -. spare a thought for the volunteer Committee Member who is giving up his/her time to keep the set up from folding.

Do I see a show of hands indicating we have some volunteers?

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